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a cute korean smiley used in irc/chat like O_O^_^=^.^=
sighing, annoyed, asleep
<chick one>HA HA HA
<chick_2> stupid baka v_v *sigh*
by len May 30, 2004
A period of post-orgasmic unconsciousness or deep sleep
Awakening from a petit mort, he heard his lover's voice in the next room
by Len July 05, 2003
uber pea uber pea he wants to eat you and me uber pea comes from outerspace he wants to eat the human race
by len April 05, 2003
trendy, with it, cool man
Hey where did you get that suit? From the Bay City Rollers? You're looking gitchy today!
by Len April 25, 2003
Not very clefer saying/doing something silly.
A: r u a hindu?
B: wat????, no u weirdo
A: oh not very clefer
by len January 11, 2005
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