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1. A band that will be formed from the winners of a reality t.v. show.

Currently in the competition there are about 20 girls, the top three most talentless ones will form the band "girlicious"

No doubt relying on their bodies in order to obtain media and sell cds, the winners of this competition will be nothing more than glorified whores.

What's worse is we will be hearing from these girls about how they believe they have talent. Trust me girls, you don't have talent, and everyone knows it.

The only real winners of this competition will be the losers, as their dignity will recover once we forget their names.

2. To predict future failure

3. To be a talentless bitch
1. That group girlicious will consist of crappy whores
2. That band will be completely girlicious
3. That girl is so girlicious
by Bravigo March 31, 2008
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refer to the tv show 'girlicious' by the pussycat dolls.
i think that explains enough.
by wtf/e February 16, 2008
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This is used to describe a girl as being delicious, joining the two words together.
Gar, man she is so girlicious.
by Charley D January 27, 2009
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A damn good pop group. People who despise girlicious have no self-esteem and just hate on them becuz their jealous and they wish they looked as pretty as they are, so they cover up their jealousy by calling them "sluts". WAY TO SHOW THAT YOUR NOT JEALOUS!

ya keep hatin cuz yu'll neva be as girlicious as they are.
by xTRA2cENTS July 10, 2008
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(Gurl-li-shuss) verb

To make boys hungry due to extreme sexiness, sass and class, by representing ones true talent and fly style.

That shawty was straight Girlicious, break me off a piece of that for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
by Big Man Oren January 14, 2008
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