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The newest band to come out and pretend to be cool.

Their music is primarily targeted towards the "just hit puberty" teens. The lyrics themselves are boring rehashed lines that could easily be seen as coming from other crappy similar bands (such as fall out boy).

Lets examine some of their lyrics.

"I'll take you home if you don't leave me at the front door.
Your body's cold, but girl we're getting so warm..."

So here we have it, this is how you apparently write a song/

You start with a lame lyric that doesn't really make sense but is vague enough to mean anything. Of course, every other lyric in the song has to refer back to sex, which is what this band primarily seems to use in order to gain teenager attention.

Here is another example of this same old formula (found within the same song).

After Chorus, second verse:

"Your lips tremble but your eyes are in a straight stare
your on the bed but your clothes are laying right there"

We start again with a vague opening statement, because again their audience is mostly idiots and cannot comprehend anything deep. The second line is of course about sex, in order to maintain the three second attention span of their audience.

Look up some more of their songs, they will follow the same pattern. Vague lyric, lyric about sex, vague lyric, lyric about sex.

Of course the band will sell plenty of CD's thanks to the goons at much music and MTV. The band members will end up believing they have talent because a bunch of 13 year old girls will be screaming whenever they see them, and unfortunately they will sell enough records to continue making music.

To make a more general summary - the band members can barely play their instruments, the melodies are boring and tedious, the lyrics are poor, repetitive and lack anything original.

The band itself only got a record deal due to the connections they have to the Hannah Montana show. These kids could never make it big if they had to start fresh - as they have no talent.

This band is essentially, in one single example, everything that is wrong with music today.
The band metro station is one of the worst music acts ever.
by Bravigo June 11, 2008
1. A band that will be formed from the winners of a reality t.v. show.

Currently in the competition there are about 20 girls, the top three most talentless ones will form the band "girlicious"

No doubt relying on their bodies in order to obtain media and sell cds, the winners of this competition will be nothing more than glorified whores.

What's worse is we will be hearing from these girls about how they believe they have talent. Trust me girls, you don't have talent, and everyone knows it.

The only real winners of this competition will be the losers, as their dignity will recover once we forget their names.

2. To predict future failure

3. To be a talentless bitch
1. That group girlicious will consist of crappy whores
2. That band will be completely girlicious
3. That girl is so girlicious
by Bravigo March 31, 2008
Disgrace to psychology and the term "doctor".

Should be tied to a chair and slapped around with ten million cocks for five years. It is our only hope of bringing in some intelligence into his dumbass bitch head.
dr. phil knows shit all about anything aside being a dumbass
by Bravigo August 17, 2008

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