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Ginger is the god of gingers. Like gingers he has all the same features, he is just more awesome then his normal counterparts. Some may know him as Dylan, but that is just the name of his human vessel.

Ginger is the has been to take the form of a human being, but this is because of the deceitful nature of gingers and is trying to trick you. He is a nice, loving god but if you get on his bad side he will unleash his divine wraith upon thee and will make you wish you were never born. he has also on occasion unleashed he is army of gingers to kidnap people in the night. There are ways to appease him though, he enjoys sacrifices of food and drink(virgin sacrifices are welcome to), worship of him, and gifts of video games, movies and comic books. He will also be pleased with sex from women and only women. Ginger is known to converse with his oracle that is a magical talking toucan named Toucan. He also believes people with the initials J.B. are douches.

Remember that he is the most amazing thing ever, better than anything else and is incredibly sexy.
Person 1: Did you hear what happened to Jimmy because he didn't sacrifice a virgin the almighty and awesome Ginger?

Person 2: No, what?

Person 1: A legion of soulless gingers came and took him to bring to their amazing and wonderful god!

Person 2: That's terrible!
by True believer of Ginger May 01, 2012
A breed that is superior to every substance (pertaining humans.In many religions the "Gingers" will rule bringing the events leading to the Apocalypse/Armageddon.
The Gingers are superior to the Aryans.
by Jesse Ginger October 15, 2007
pale freckles ginger hair but in actual fact when on RADIO 1 the most listened to radio station in Britain they had a ginger evening loads of people texted in saying that a ginger was the best they ever had and will have..
gingers are getting there own back
by James Mount July 10, 2008
A stereotypical indevidual with red hair and usualy has pale skin and freckles. Someone who is discriminated against for no apparant reason. Someone who is just a human being and is probably better than blondes,brunettes, and so on
guy 1: "eww look at that fucking ugly ginger kid"

guy 2: "STFU your lucky he doesnt punch you but hes better tha you and doesnt rise you bullys and bullying"
by William-g-c June 18, 2008
A genetic disposition towards hair of a reddish color.

Redheads make up only 3% of the world population making them rare treasures. You could even say 'limited edition!'

Some people view it as beautiful, some as quirky, some as gross. It's a personal opinion.

Female 'gingers' tend to be exotic woman with a fiery temper and are rumored to have a three times as powerful sex drive.
Only a 'ginger' can call another 'ginger' "Ginger!"....the word is ours and ours alone. So if you care for your health you won't call us 'ginger' unless your 'ginger' yourself!

Please be nice to 'gingers', they do have souls. If you didnt know already, they come from a 'ginger' plant....plants have souls....Im just saying!
by Only a 'ginger' September 20, 2010
Someone that has hair ranging from auburn to strawberry blonde.
They are not monsters even though some say they are the closest thing to vampires as their skin is sensitive to sunlight (lucky them)
Men generally find ginger hair more attractive.
Some who has ginger hair does not have gingervitus, they are ginger.
Someone who discriminates against a ginger is gingerist and are jealous.
Ginger is assoiciated with nordic culture
And generally stereotyped as being angry.
Ron Weasley is ginger
by F!re crotch ~ April 01, 2009
possibly the sexiest thing in the world. The hottest hair colour around, and the best thing to be.
Oh my god, you're hair is ginger. Would you mind if I kissed your feet for a while?
by short6CR September 27, 2010
Contrary to prior beliefs, ginger does not always mean red hair, freckles, and pale skin. Ginger stands for genius, intuitive, nice, gracious, energetic, respectful.
Do you know Ginger?
I have heard of her.

She is the smarest, nicest, most respectful person I know.
by tat24 January 04, 2013