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someone with red hair usually pale skin and sometimes freckles.
according to southpark...
gingers without freckles don't have souls
gingers with freckles steal other people's souls.
it seems that everyone autimatically thinks gingers are irish....lol
some people are offended by the term ginger but i think most of us gingers just laugh it off cuz were just 2 awesome to give a shit anyway haha. xD
normal/boring person 1: ginger!
ginger: fuck u bitch haha

person 1: your a ginger
ginger: yeah...?
person 2: so your irish?
ginger: JUST BECUZ IM A GINGER DOESNT MAKE ME IRISH! well actually i *AM* irish but thats not my point...

*me sees fellow ginger*
#ginger #red #hair #irish #southpark #freckles #pale #awesome #bitch #you #know #it #haters
by thisismynameheehee February 26, 2011
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