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Someone with red hair + freckles.

Rupert Grint is the sexiest ginger in the galaxy/universe.
by mmmmrupertgrint December 29, 2008
The word used to describe red-heads in a derogatory way. Its the red heads nigger, the words are simmiler. They are not crackas or niggers they are gingers.
Black guy: switch the n and the g and your just like me
Ginger: yeah i know
by purplestickypunch88 May 09, 2007
That is not a nice word, but it is just used to refer to someone with red hair, freckles, and pale skin. I have red hair and I have been complemented on it my entire life. All of you idiots that think we have no souls are a little retarded. I will have to agree with the short temper part though. So be jealous of us but please keep it to yourself. Don't call us gingers or you might get laughed at or punched in the face depending on our mood.
I have beautiful red hair, cute freckles, and pale skin. I love it and don't care what anyone else thinks! The word "ginger" just isn't a nice word.
by Country Girl Superwoman1 November 06, 2008
A word commonly used by assholes to refer to a Redheaded person. Ginger people have souls and aren't out to suck anyones blood out of them. Nor do they have "gingervitus" cause that doesn't fucking exist. Being called a ginger is offending and rude.
Prick : Hey look at the ginger!
Ginger: Fuck you.
by Gingerrr February 06, 2008
Pop culture has developed a small minority of people that use the term "ginger" as a derogatory name. The popular cartoon, South Park used the term, which could explain the sudden popularity of the myth that people with redhair and pale skin are soulless or vampire-like. The only scientifically proven difference between a redhead and any other color of hair is that their pigmentation is different, which is dictated by genetics.
Jealous blonde: "Those darn gingers always get all of the attention."
by Marci Oldham June 03, 2007
A ginger is person with red hair, freckles, and pale skin. They are absolutely amazing. Gingers secretly have super powers and that is why every one is so jelly of them. Gingers will someday rule the world. Ginger boys are my favorite toys.
Guy: "Hey Ginger, what time is it?"
Ginger: "I'd say about half past a freckle."
by sophialila March 01, 2009
Gingers are not evil...as being a ginger myself, i have red hair, freckles, and pale skin... im dont worship the devil and, as most people think, sometimes we are the spawn of Satan. we are regular people and we enjoy having fun just like everyone else... stop making fun of gingers because we can make stupid comments about your hair color too... we dont like it, but we find it amusing, that you all flatter yourself with talking about us and we really think ya'll need to get a life... we can reproduce with another redhead and we like being redheads... we wouldnt have it any other way... call us gingers and we will laugh in your face... have fun bc once you go ginger you never go back and we like it like that... GINGERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!
Ginger's will rule the world one day!!!
by Ginger gurl March 03, 2008