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G.I.M.P. stands for Get In My Pants. used for people who are horny or could be used if you think somebody is hot and you're like woah GIMP. could be used in different terms, such as, gimp (noun), gimpster (adjective), or gimpy (adjective)
sara: hey i'm sara
charley: *thinks to himself* daaammnn GIMP...*says outloud* hey i'm charley ;)

girl: hey let's go do something fun
boy: take of your clothes, i'm really gimpy right now.
by SARAELLEN June 25, 2010
man terry is such a gimp
by that guy over there by thewall August 21, 2009
1. (noun) a pretty, attractive thin girl
2. (adjective) implying thin, attractive or both, sometimes used in conjunction with the noun: gimp or gimpy or as a combination:

*Note: the more a "gimp" is added to the combination, the more attractive the girl is.
"Look at that gimp. "
"Oh yeah, she's a gimp gimp."
"She's looking really gimpy."
"I'd like to nail that gimpy gimp gimp....gimp."*
by schlitznola May 26, 2009
Alex Jones A.K.A. the Gimp

a conspiracy theory radio host and documentary film maker from Austin Texas
the Gimp got another radio talk show host fired from the radio station this week,

he can't handle any competition.
by Dr.No. May 11, 2009
Acronym for Get In My Pants
Hey girl, I want you to GIMP.
by bomber6865 April 27, 2009
a classic example of a gimp is.....ugly spotty, fucking annoying, wears green all the time, thinks he's hard, hangs around with bad men,
1 person: what are you doing this weekend
2 person: i'm seeing my girlfriend
gimp: sick....are you going to bang her?
everybody: you're such a gimp freddie
by jimmy the piratessssss January 16, 2009
Someone or a group of people, who play any video game for any length of time.

Can be used as: Gimp, Gimped, Gimping, Gimper
Back in the day, my bro's and I would gimp Street Fighter II for hours on end. We gimped so hard, gimping to become the supreme undefeated Street Fighter II gimper.
by Beansticka April 15, 2008