Cool having to do with something pimp or gangter
Dude that so gimp.
I want that it's gimp.
#pimp #cool #gangster #awsome #want
by david john November 03, 2007
a gay pimp, one who pimps out gays, a name for our friend who thinks hes a pimp, used for our other friend now
BRad is such a gimp.
#gay #fag #homo #queer #manbanger
by D and JP November 28, 2006
1. a sex slave

2. a gag-ball outcast
Man, that Kevin Z. is such a gimp. I mean seriously, GitRdun? What the hell is that all about???
#gimp #kevin #ball #slave #sex
by chrisbo347 August 29, 2006
An over-enthusiast. Someone who is involved and interested in a particular type of activity to such an abnormal degree that they are worthy of contempt.

May be used in the form 'x-gimp' to denote the activity about which the person is enthusiastic

e.g. "I saw Berny with the other computer-gimps gimping on counterstrike yesterday"

Or just to express the general characteristics of people who have such a level of enthusiasm for something

e.g. "Thay guy Berny is a complete and utter gimp"
#enthusiast #twat #loser #excitement #zealous
by Zoot alors! August 14, 2006
Term used in MMORPGs to refer to a game character who is not up to his full potential at his current level.
That guy is a total gimp. Look at the crappy weapon he is using.
#n00b #gimpy #gimped #uber #pwnt
by Nuthman March 07, 2006
orb runner fame maker
"fred" ill be running up the street "
"jonh" just like the fame gimp "
#forrest #fame #runner #sprinter #lamo
by kane billko November 16, 2005
An Online RPG slang term used to describe a player with non-optimal stats or equipment for his class/race choice.
Hey, that Elvaan Warrior is a total gimp, he's still using a Lv.1 Sword!
by Marc Swift March 03, 2005
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