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Bryon Hernandez aka 50 percent
Look at that gimp over there, oh wait...it's just Bryon Hernandez.
by Bryon Hernandez January 16, 2008
7 23
Term used in MMORPGs to refer to a game character who is not up to his full potential at his current level.
That guy is a total gimp. Look at the crappy weapon he is using.
by Nuthman March 07, 2006
30 46
An Online RPG slang term used to describe a player with non-optimal stats or equipment for his class/race choice.
Hey, that Elvaan Warrior is a total gimp, he's still using a Lv.1 Sword!
by Marc Swift March 03, 2005
2 18
The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Also known as the poor-man's photoshop.
Nerd 1: OMFG!!!11!!1 you totally photoshopped you kissing Jennifer Lopez
Nerd 2: No, I gimped it.
by lathargic October 03, 2005
111 129
the female part of a gay relationship
the one who takes it up the batty
by lil-g July 03, 2005
5 23
1. One who is hobbling old man -style. 2. That kid who sucks at sports.
3. Someone who is impaired by injury, or the like.
Jimmy's all gimped up... he got his @$$ kicked by that group of gimped up midgets outside 7-11.
by Jilladelphia* October 15, 2003
2 20
Any person who chooses to play a Mage in World of Warcraft or other online games.
Mage: “dood I sheeped that Drood 3 times but it didn’t work @#$!! GIMPED ME!”

Guild Officer to an epic geared Mage: “No Gimp you can’t join my 1337 guild and run teh instance. Drop a table and stfu kthxbye”

Healer in PVP: “I one shot that Gimp!”

Mage’s mom in guild chat: “Gimp > Mage”

Mage forums: “I am a F@#%% Gimp, why does blue not care QQ?”

Farmer: “ME no money froom farm 2 hour when use Gimp no good so using rugoe”

General chat: “If Gimp than WTB port to Shatt plz”

Game Developer: “Here comes the gimp stick <insert update>”
by isenn February 19, 2008
2 21