Someone or a group of people, who play any video game for any length of time.

Can be used as: Gimp, Gimped, Gimping, Gimper
Back in the day, my bro's and I would gimp Street Fighter II for hours on end. We gimped so hard, gimping to become the supreme undefeated Street Fighter II gimper.
by Beansticka April 15, 2008
Bryon Hernandez aka 50 percent
Look at that gimp over there, oh's just Bryon Hernandez.
by Bryon Hernandez January 16, 2008
Term used in MMORPGs to refer to a game character who is not up to his full potential at his current level.
That guy is a total gimp. Look at the crappy weapon he is using.
by Nuthman March 07, 2006
An Online RPG slang term used to describe a player with non-optimal stats or equipment for his class/race choice.
Hey, that Elvaan Warrior is a total gimp, he's still using a Lv.1 Sword!
by Marc Swift March 03, 2005
its just like the word gay(all exccept dudes banging dudes and chicks licking chicks) u know how ppl call stuff gay that isn't gay that's how this word works.
chris is a gimp,fuck my computer broke that's gimp dude,school is gimp or you can add stuff like, bob is a gimpy kid,or i gimped up my leg
by John Howard Schwarzmann January 23, 2008
The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Also known as the poor-man's photoshop.
Nerd 1: OMFG!!!11!!1 you totally photoshopped you kissing Jennifer Lopez
Nerd 2: No, I gimped it.
by lathargic October 03, 2005
the female part of a gay relationship
the one who takes it up the batty
by lil-g July 03, 2005

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