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Generally, a term used to decribe one of the following: idiot, retard, faggot, dumbass, jackass. Can mean any of those, and sometimes more than one.
Sam: Graham got a A+ on that history thing.
Kevin: Well Graham's a gimp!
Sam: Too true...
by Keeko May 22, 2005
6 25
A leech of society. This person is one who pretty much uses everybody else's stuff without their fucking permission, and makes a fuck load of unneccesary noise.
The Gimp: Rar rar rar!!!! Arrrgh!!! Urrrgh! I'm going to cook some bacon that I know isn't mine, but I don't care!

Housemate: Oi Gimp, get your fucking hands off my stuff, and shut the fuck up!
by Steeman May 06, 2005
6 25
a person who makes a total and utter fanny of themselves, an idiot
Michael danced around the room like a pleb

Suzi says "Michael, your such a gimp!"
by Bobby Banks May 11, 2006
2 22
The word gimp is someone who deserves no respect, who is a retard, and who cannot run.
That Chiraag is such a gimp!
by G-G-G-G-GIMP UNIT June 05, 2007
11 32
The Gimp is a man they keep dressed from head to toe in black leather bondage gear. There are zippers, buckles and studs here and there on the body. On his head is a black leather mask with two eye holes and a zipper (closed) for a mouth. They keep him in a hole in the floor big enough for a large dog.
ZED: Bring out The Gimp.
MAYNARD:I think The Gimp's sleepin'.
ZED: Well, I guess you'll just have to go wake him up now, won't you?
by HMIRE July 29, 2005
114 135
Broken, messed up, not working properly, whack
That speaker's gimp, man, it's got no treble.
by LividFiction September 23, 2008
5 28
A prostitute (generally a girl) who fucks for free.
Daaaaayyyaaammm Bobbi da gimp just slobbed on my knob fo' NUTTIN...
by Queen La Queefa May 10, 2005
3 26