miltary term for guys with injuries
That guy is such a gimp.
by foxyfairy May 28, 2009
Alex Jones A.K.A. the Gimp

a conspiracy theory radio host and documentary film maker from Austin Texas
the Gimp got another radio talk show host fired from the radio station this week,

he can't handle any competition.
by Dr.No. May 11, 2009
A male who is sexually aroused by being bound in either leather or latex and beaten by a female who shows assertiveness.
Gimps also have homosexual tendancies
They usually drive Red Supras, and run to their mothers whenever anything goes wrong.
"Frederick Schneiter is such a Gimp, he loves being beaten by girls. I should have known when he bought that Red Supra, he's such a mumma's boy too."

"WOAHH CHECK THAT GIMP being beat by that woman!"
by [SX1.LX1] May 09, 2009
Acronym for Get In My Pants
Hey girl, I want you to GIMP.
by bomber6865 April 27, 2009
SAme word as gay, used as a genral insult about anything or anyone.
Woah, that ryan keed is a gimp. Dam keed your a gimp. That smells like a bunch of gimp. This shit is gimp.
by jizzhead April 11, 2009
if u need to sum someone up in one word...gimp
contains 4 meanings - geek idiot moron and prat
a fun way to explain a retard
"hes such a gimp"
by daftshitme January 25, 2009
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