A male who is sexually aroused by being bound in either leather or latex and beaten by a female who shows assertiveness.
Gimps also have homosexual tendancies
They usually drive Red Supras, and run to their mothers whenever anything goes wrong.
"Frederick Schneiter is such a Gimp, he loves being beaten by girls. I should have known when he bought that Red Supra, he's such a mumma's boy too."

"WOAHH CHECK THAT GIMP being beat by that woman!"
by [SX1.LX1] May 09, 2009
SAme word as gay, used as a genral insult about anything or anyone.
Woah, that ryan keed is a gimp. Dam keed your a gimp. That smells like a bunch of gimp. This shit is gimp.
by jizzhead April 11, 2009
if u need to sum someone up in one word...gimp
contains 4 meanings - geek idiot moron and prat
a fun way to explain a retard
"hes such a gimp"
by daftshitme January 25, 2009
An acronym for Get In My Pants.
Come on guys, GIMP!

Fucking GIMPers!
by AKret August 31, 2008
GIMP = Google In My Pocket

Any number of handheld electronic devices (e.g. PDAs, smartphones) that provide their owners with on-demand access to the Internet for the quick retrieval of information, usually of a trivial nature.
Fuck! Who sang that syrupy piece of shit that goes, "I've found a masterpiece in you..."? Quick! Ask the GIMP!!
by Espy Sea March 29, 2008
An injury, usually painful and obvious
When I got hit by that car in the McDonald's parking lot I was gimped up for weeks!
by morphineline December 31, 2007
Cool having to do with something pimp or gangter
Dude that so gimp.
I want that it's gimp.
by david john November 03, 2007

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