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1. The GNU Image Manipulation Program
2. man slave especially aroused by bondage
1. Dude, did you make that website logo with GIMP?
2. The gimp has a hairy chest, which makes some bondage techniques difficult.
by SomeRandomWhiteGuy May 24, 2003
Hardcore punk band originating in New York approximately ten years ago. Currently still playing, recently on a tour supporting Bad Religion.
The Casualties are the best punk band there is.
by SomeRandomWhiteGuy May 24, 2003
Generally used when talking about cracked software, cracked and released the same day as the software was legally available.
That copy of DOOM I just got off of Funet is 0day man!
by SomeRandomWhiteGuy May 24, 2003
1. Group of incredibly stupid individuals who have collected their prank calls and other exploits for musical publication.
2. Imaginary animal said group named themselves for
1. Yaksloth is incredibly funny to listen to.
2. No one will ever know what a yaksloth looks like.
by SomeRandomWhiteGuy May 24, 2003
The currency unit of the United States of American. Prone to cause greed when visible. Also termed "greenback".
I bought the bag of candy for a dollar.
by SomeRandomWhiteGuy May 25, 2003

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