1. A person who is into hardcore leather bondage.
2. An individual who has the potential to achieve but consistently fucks it up.
3. Any person who has any sort of defect.
1. I can't wait to get home with this new mask and beast my gimp.
2. Dont pass it to Heskey, he's a total gimp.
3. Ha ha, look at that blokes spakka hand! What a gimp!
by chris - p September 15, 2003
Get in my pants
"Me and my girlfriend are going to fuck tonight."
"Dude, to much information!!"
"Sorry... she is going to gimp tonight."
by thegymnast October 02, 2011
colin, pudding
colin o brien is a gimp
by partymanmonz January 11, 2011
a gangsterlicious pimp:)
Paul and deisy are super GIMP. They fucking gees
by tinklewinkle March 12, 2010
A ganster, a person who can spit Game, a Pimp all in one, A "G", A "PIMP", A person that has a way with words spits "Game" is a GIMP
Whats up Gimp, Im a Gimp, He's a Gimp
by MYLIFE74 December 25, 2009
a gimp is another word for somebody who is shaped like a pear in other words somebody who stomach is bigger then there chest by some margin
hey garry look over there gimp alert! ha ha yes john i see what a pear
by micheal scofield December 22, 2009
miltary term for guys with injuries
That guy is such a gimp.
by foxyfairy May 28, 2009

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