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4 definitions by morphineline

A person of European decent who believes in a white nation for and run by whites.
Jason is a White Nationalist. He hopes for a white state in the near future, because the blacks are continuing to ruin America everyday.
by morphineline October 14, 2007
1. Hell, located in Oklahoma (35 miles East of Tulsa) 2. A great place to buy methanphetamines
Kayla: I'm going to Bristow to buy some meth. You wanna come?
Regina: That's OK, since I left Hell I don't want to go back.
by morphineline October 14, 2007
An injury, usually painful and obvious
When I got hit by that car in the McDonald's parking lot I was gimped up for weeks!
by morphineline December 31, 2007
A magical place filled with loads of beer and a variety of drugs, all for your taking as long as you pay about 10K and have a high enough ACT score, which is not difficult.
Jackie: I SO got into OSU!
Crystal: Dude, you're going to end up in rehab now.
Jackie: What for?
Crystal: Everyone knows that all Oklahoma State University kids do is drink and snort coke!
by morphineline December 30, 2007