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a speech disorder involving hesitations and involuntary repetitions of certain sounds
The speaker stutter when he saw his opponent enter the room
by eweke December 08, 2006
A stutter is a triple-beat element in electronic dance music at the start of a musical phrase. It is most commonly used with techno music.
Therefor, the first beat in a phrase-group is replaced by a double-beat with half the note value, resulting in the perception of a triple-beat.
I don't like this song, there's no stutter, man.
by m00wn July 01, 2015
A speech disorder where the person repeats words and hesitates when speaking. More prominent and common among people when they are:
a) Lying
b) Speaking in front of large audiences
c) Talking to someone intimidating
d) Actually being affected by an impediment or
e) Involved in a truly traumatizing experience that leaves them scarred for life, along with the bedwets.
Did you hear about Little Johnny? He saw his mom screwing the plumber, and now he's got a stutter worse than Porky Pig.
by Tfolt October 03, 2007
Either a boy or girl who cant speak or is really shy round the opposite sex there attracted too, so they stutter.
"I don't even know if I can even be me.
Cause it's so hard to be me when you're next to me.
If I could say so, I'd say what I'm feeling.
But I can say so, my lips just tremble.
I'm stuttering"
There's stutters everywhere!
by FlipThat August 17, 2008
A very irritating event when a technology such as a computer hesitates and stutters when asked to complete a task.
Oh, its gonna load! Nope, nope, it froze. Wait it's working! No, false alarm. It's trying to do something. Stupid technology; stuttering again. Maybe it's gonna die soon. Please work!
by Spiral Ruin November 24, 2010 is what what Porky Pig does.
“Th-th-th-th-that's aaa-aa-a-all, fff-f-f-ffolks!!“
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005
How you can tell when someone is lying, that is, if they don't have a chronic stutter problem.
I can tell you're lying, cuz when you're replying, you stutter, stutter, ss ss stutter, sutter...
by Kenthar October 14, 2003
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