a small person also known as a shell pearson!
#1:hi shell get ya brolly its rainin
shell:no its not
5 hours later...
shell:o wait it is
by joanne pallas October 29, 2003
small! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
she is so small, when it rains, she is last to know
I=normal hight
.=gimli`s hight
by kieron the god October 29, 2003
A type of person who is small and ginger. Who is very annoying and looks like a gimp.
Me-"Wat up Gimli!"
by Fez October 13, 2004
The gay lover of legolas and Aragorn.
sorry girls you know its true.

Gimli to Aragorn: Toss me (but dont tell the elf)

(legolas has a thing about cheating)
by mike December 29, 2003
the inability to get a hardon at the sight of a beautiful woman;
Ray suffers from gimli from watching too much gay porn
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
The world record holder for the highest Kill-Death Ratio known to man.
Random Gamer: 19-8 is my KDR Bitches!
Gimli: lol mines 43-0 n00b
by Bruce Norris October 07, 2014
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