Three feet of pure sex.
Meghan: Wow, that dwarf guy is sooo hot.
Me: I know, I mean, he's GIMLI.
by Rokinfreeworld December 30, 2003
The Gimli is the sexual practice of surprising your partner by donning a false beard (similar to that of the dwarf Gimli) during sexual intercourse or similar acts.
Last night, the missus was well shocked when she looked up and I had done a Gimli
by Tubesy December 01, 2008
A town in Manitoba, Canada.
The plane landed in Gimli thus doubling the population.
by MSC September 14, 2004
small welsh dwarf, likes land rovers and is easily stressed.
usually found in underground bunkers or wales.
by admiral lovepants November 09, 2004
(Adj.) Word used by people like OuiOui to describe anything.
"Yum, that pie was so gimli!"

"Don't go near him! He's gimli!"
by Alexsai December 18, 2005
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