To fill a hollow coconut with your manjuice and give it to a lady friend (or not friend. either works), passing it off as coconut milk.
Guy: I totally Gilligan'd this chick last night. She drank it all and didn't notice the difference.
by lolololololololololwtf February 19, 2008
Top Definition
1)to spend time with beautiful women coming on to you with no possible consequences (it was the sixties), and yet avoid getting laid for seven years. I mean, WTF?
I'm pretty sure Herman Munster or Eddie Haskell wouldn't have pulled a Gilligan if they had their druthers.
by Pantaloon January 28, 2008
A person that lacks any skill or knowledge in regards to boating.
These gilligans ran aground the other day and I had to tow them off the sandbar.
by Gtrain April 10, 2007
A person that is part of the television show, "Gilligan's Island". The whole story line has to do with them going on a trip on a boat, and then a storm come and they get casted away, and they land on a desserted island that isnt on any map. They had like 100 chances to get out of the island but one person always messes the plan up, guess who? Gilligan. I don't get why they dont just kill him he's the one that gets them stuck on the island and messes up their plan to get off it.
Gilligan is annoying.
by monkeymofo April 20, 2004
a stupid, often clumbsy and dimwitted individual. makes random noises such as MARGH! but are not as dumb as they seem
Gilligan farted in assembly again, then laughed when people said he shat himself
by dude November 03, 2003
v. to sabotage

n. saboteur

n. monkey wrench

n. conspiracy of one
ex. We are not getting off this island because there is a gilligan on it.

ex. The boat motor died because it had been gilliganed.

ex. Everything was working accordingly until Mary Anne threw a gilligan into the situation.
by theropingeffect January 06, 2010
A person of only some or no importance to a plot or situation, it's origins sprout from the Naruto Abridged Series, in which a little boy is referred to as Gilligan, and claims that is not his name and is ignored.
Person A: Come along Gilligan.
'Gilligan': That's not my name!
A: It is now.
'Gilligan': But I already have a name!
A: Come along Gilligan.
by A guy named Anonymous October 04, 2009
A more socially acceptable name for someone with moderate or severe mental or physical disabilities than its predecessor 'Spastic'.
"See that dickhead from Western Australia who keeps getting butthurt over internet trolls? What a fucking Gilligan"

spastic retard moron dickhead butthurt
by SMA78 September 22, 2014
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