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Verb. the act of spending time in a man cave. Also known as man cave spelunking. Exploring or improving on a man cave.
Justin is man caving it this weekend.

James found a flat screen television that is perfect for man caving.
by theropingeffect March 02, 2010
v. to sabotage

n. saboteur

n. monkey wrench

n. conspiracy of one
ex. We are not getting off this island because there is a gilligan on it.

ex. The boat motor died because it had been gilliganed.

ex. Everything was working accordingly until Mary Anne threw a gilligan into the situation.
by theropingeffect January 06, 2010
n. a holiday, origins unknown
Cock Tuesday is celebrated on the first and third Tuesday of each month by males around the world. It has gained acceptance in France and Belgium. The day is celebrated by proudly displaying ones cock in a place where all can see. In the office, for example, the water cooler area would be best. Cock Tuesday is slowly gaining acceptance in the U.S especially on the internet on such sites as Myspace and Facebook. Actual cocks should not be displayed but only pictures of cocks. Displaying an actual cock to the workplace could be considered inappropriate.

ex. Have a happy Cock Tuesday

ex. For Cock Tuesday, Tom proudly wore his cock fighter shirt to work.
by theropingeffect January 06, 2010
n. A "roping" like ejaculation that forms a stream of semen.

n. when a noose or slipknot tightens around a body part.
ex. A "pearl necklace" can be achieved through the roping effect.

ex. The roping effect can lead to strangulation.
by theropingeffect January 22, 2010
Anything from the 80's. Hipsters will flee from sex drugs and rock n roll.
Try AC/DC , Bon Jovi or Loverboy as your personal hipster repellent.
by theropingeffect August 14, 2016
Similar to a union strike but one made by a corporation as a whole.
Sony went on corporate strike.
by theropingeffect August 14, 2016
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