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A phrase used to draw attention to the fact that you are a pair of pants.

See also CTRL+ALT+DEL, Chef Brian
I R Pant!
Marshmallow rainbow supreme!
by omegabyte December 10, 2004
1. The electronic manifestation of a God.
2. The father of Space Jesus
3. A God by the name of E.
1. My shrine burned down, so I prayed to eGod last night.
2. Hey SJ, how's your eGod?
3. Oh almighty eGod, I pray to thee.
by omegabyte December 10, 2004
See owned, pwned.
An extremity of owned when the consecutive letters of the alphabet all the way to zwned have been reached, and thus double characters are necessary.
omegabyte: I zwned your ass!
SpaceJesus: Yeah, well I'll aawn you next round!
by omegabyte December 10, 2004
A mathematical system used in computer programming in which
the possible answers can be true or false.
See boolean.
bool IsChrisJamesAHomo = true;
by omegabyte December 07, 2004
Someone named Chris James.
See homo, chris james
Why is gilligan being such a moron?
'Cause he's Chris James! Duh!
by omegabyte December 08, 2004
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