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(noun) way or preference

Generally used in the plural. Especially in the phrase:
"If (person) had (posessive adjective) druthers"

Probably originally derived from a contraction of "would rather".
If he had his druthers, I suspect he'd still be in bed.
by Peter K. March 22, 2005
A noun meaning the opportunity to be doing something else. Derived from "I'd rather...." morphing into "Ah'd ruther..." down South.
"If I had mah druthers, Ah'd ruther do nothin' at all." Great song from great film "Li'l Abner".
by jim warren November 30, 2005
If I had my druthers, I'd be sailing on the Bay with a beer in my fist right now instead of doing the f*&@%$! month-end stock-taking.
by Geoff September 13, 2003
Used in the U.S. as a statment for prefference.
Uses in a lazy-speech as a combination of the words "I would rather."
If I had my druther's, I would still be in bed.
by Steve Jobs May 27, 2003
Short for Druther's, the word Druther is a unique old old school slang term stated in a sentence indicating the person who is using the words thoughts at a given time.
TH: Yo Jer when you think they'll come out with a new Snowball Express?!

JH: I druther in about a year or two
by Jay Dot Holla Mane February 09, 2010
A slang term for a womans vaginal lips.
Friend 1 - "Hey man was she any good?"
Friend 2 - "Well let's just say I've had better, but her druthers were amazing!"
by Hookey30 January 13, 2010
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