Grandma I'd Like to Fuck. Similar to MILF.
Dude your grandmas a GILF!
Yeah but her vagina hangs like a wizards sleeve.
by yo soy June 18, 2007
Verb: To Gilf

To masterbate over people have sex in the same room
Did he just gilf over Jamie and Lisa having sex?

Yea, I think he did, thats sick.
by Rozza2805 November 08, 2009
An acronym for "Governor I'd Like to Fuck". A pun on MILF.
"Damn!...Sarah palin is such a GILF!"
by Alexgeo September 02, 2008
Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck
*Old lady walks by*
"Mann what a gilf"
by twoTHREE SIX 6 SIX March 05, 2008
Granny I'd Like (to) fuck.
J- "Alice's mum is a milf"
A- " YEAH"
by alicevchalk January 03, 2008
Governor I'd Like to Fuck
That Sara Palin is one fine GILF... but do you really want her one (72-year old) heartbeat away from the Presidency?
by Frosty J. Hammer September 19, 2008
Gay i'd Like to Fuck
Pedro: "Hey honey, what are you looking at?"
Eddy: "Oh no, im sorry i wasn't checking on anything darling"
Pedro "Yes you were, you were totally into that handsome guy over there,do you think he's a GILF"
Eddy: "I hope so, coz then I wouldn't have to waste my time with you"
by Evil-D November 10, 2008

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