a gilf is like an old milf AND Stands for grany id like to fuck
ohh that guys nan is such a gilf id fuck her any day
by james is awesome March 29, 2009
grandmother i'd like to fuck
sarah palin is a GILF
by sexiii girl November 10, 2008
Gilf is simple.. A, Grandma Id LOVE T fuck..

Ask one of your gay friends.. Do you think i have a gilf?

If they say yes.. BEAT THEM UP ! :')
Dude.. whats a gilf
Its your mom asshole..
Its a grandma id like to fuck.
Hey? My mom aint an asshole?
Thats not what iv heared..
by Adam Weston :') October 25, 2008
Governor I'd like to fuck.
"Dude! Sarah Palin is such a gilf!"
by Bethhie September 24, 2008
acronym for Governor I'd Like to Fuck
That gov from AK is a GILF
by AlaskaME September 02, 2008
Governor I'd Like to Fuck
Sarah Palin is one hot GILF
by Ricls August 31, 2008
As of August 29, 2008, (the day the previously little-known Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate) it also stands for Governors I'd Like to Fuck.
Now the presumptive 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, Alaska Governor Sarah Louise Heath Palin has decisively displaced Canadian-born Michigan governor and former Hollywood starlet-wannabe Jennifer Granholm as America's premiere GILF.
by MotownSingleGuy August 30, 2008

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