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acronym for Governor I'd Like to Fuck
That gov from AK is a GILF
by AlaskaME September 02, 2008
2 5
Governor I'd Like to Fuck
Sarah Palin is one hot GILF
by Ricls August 31, 2008
4 7
grandma id like to fuck
"ur grandmas a major imba gilf"
"hey shut the fuck up"
by TGWS January 01, 2008
5 8
wow thats a GILF (gran i'd like to fuck)
by jonny rubber September 12, 2007
6 9
Ginger I'd like to fuck
A girl ginger can be a GILF, but guy gingers are just ugly.
by invisiblemonster January 26, 2011
0 4
Guildee I'd Like to Fuck- in WoW a guild mate that you'd like to be intimate with.
Is there such a thing as a gilf?
A gilf?
You know, a guildee id like to fuck?
damn straight.
by wowster987 December 13, 2010
0 4
Governor I'd like to fuck
Sarah is a really hot VP candidate! What a GILF! A governor I'd like to fuck!
by JMSMD September 06, 2008
5 9