(n.) Governor I'd Like to Fuck; relative to party lines and gender. Generally restricted to describe the governor from Alaska.
Even though I'm voting for Obama, that Palin is such a GILF.
by Palin lover September 15, 2008
girl i love to fuck
Ashley Kupeersmith is such a G.I.L.F.
by Keaespinoza September 17, 2008
Guts I Would Like to Fuck. A woman you would like to have brutal anal sex with.
Man! That woman has a nice ass, what a gilf.
by KesseK November 15, 2007
gay id like to fuck
that guy is such a gilf. im glad he came out of the closet.
by 5jbomb September 07, 2008
Girl I`d Like to Fuck
-Man, look at that chic!
-Yeah man,she is a GILF!
by Victoria Todorova October 24, 2007
guys I'd like to fuck

Often said by married women in the context of ..."if I were single"
"Marty is on my 'g.i.l.f. if I were single' list"
by DrPhil January 08, 2006
gillys id like to fuck, a fishing guide or work mate
John says he is a gilf
by boy betty October 30, 2007

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