Governor I'd Like to Fuck. Entered common usage the morning of August 29, 2008 with John McCain's selection of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.
"Sarah Palin is a total GILF!"
by Sportin' Life August 29, 2008
a grandma id like to fornicate with
man, theres so much elderly trim here, i should become the gilf hunter so i can tap some of this ass.
by alex metzler March 05, 2008
"Grandma/Grandpa I'd Like to Fuck."
Not said seriously, only when pointing out any old person.
Weirdo: "Oh man, check out that MILF, she look's hot."
Sane Friend: "Fuck That! She looks more like a GILF."

"Hahaha that GILF has his pant's so high they are up around his armpit's."
by Diego August 18, 2003
A Governor I'd Like to F**k
You see Sarah Palin last night? Damn! She's a gilf!
by Cutie Pie Ken Ken November 13, 2008
Governor I'd Like to F*ck.
-as in GILF Palin.
by GF34598304 September 15, 2008
Grandma I'd Like to Fuck
Grandfather I'd Like to Fuck
Guy I'd Like to Fuck
Girl I'd Like to Fuck

Or anything else beginning with G that you might feel the urge to have sex with, but fucks sake - NO ANIMALS
Heather Collins: Felix Brueggemann thinks louis walsh is a GILF :O
Yesterday at 20:03 · Comment · Like · Remove tag

Felix BrueggemannWhat!? O_O! WTF!? JESUS Fu... O_O :|
It worries me that you think that way o.O
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannWhat the fork? Im just shocked
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannYou have scarred me.
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannI will never forgive you.
by FelixB666XD November 23, 2009
G.randma I.'d L.ike to F.uck a woman old enough to be somebody's grandma but still hot in a way. (usually used as a gross-out joke)
Dude one:"Man check her out,she's a GILF! hahaha" Dude two:"What's a GILF?" Dude one:"Grandma I'd Like to FUCK" Dude two:"Man,your fuckin' sick!"
by Threat109 November 22, 2009
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