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when a girl giggles and dribbles urine at the same time
that joke was so funny that she gibbled all over herself

the worst thing you could do is shart, vurp, and gibble yourself.
by pain killas January 25, 2013
3 1
the small crease between the lower butt and upper thigh, much like elbow skin is referred to as the wenis.
Dude, you just got kicked in the gibble.
by Maurice_XU October 08, 2007
65 33
The plural of gibble. The creases between the lower butt cheeks and the upper thighs, much like the wenis of the elbows.
The man missed the girl's butt and instead grabbed her gibbles.
by Maurice_XU October 08, 2007
41 11
A catch-all verb or noun.
Forms include 'gibbler' and 'gibbling'
When used as gibbling, often synonymous with faggin.
'Hit her in the gibbler'
'My gibble is bleeding'
'Ahh gibbles'
'Just gibbling (faggin) around'
by Beefheart April 04, 2005
55 40
1. (verb) An action in a pinball game where the ball repeatedly comes in contact with the tips of the flippers, which may result in a save or loss of the ball.
That kid isn't a pinball wizard or anything, but I've never seen someone gibble so much and stay alive.
by Malaprop September 10, 2011
14 5
A contraction of the descripitive statement Goose by the lake. The term is contracted initially to "G.B.L"- vowels are added to make it more natural to pronounce, hence "Gibble" This term makes an analogous comparison to the gold digging behavior of certain segments of the female population to that of the canada goose, many of whom will run to a person if they suspect that they possess bread. A gold digger, like the goose at the lake will leave and find another person with money or bread.
Damn Jonny, that girl is such a gibble, she only dates you because of your maserati.
That fucking gibble, she left me when my money ran out!!!
by neuroworld October 31, 2009
13 8
A ticklish area on the side of the rib cage.
I'm going to get your gibbles!
by Schmidty Lou December 25, 2008
12 8
(noun) The small crease between the lower butt cheek and the upper thigh.
Dude, you just got kicked in the gibble.
by Maurice_XU October 09, 2007
21 17