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Kicking back with some dudes. Does not necessarily imply homosexuality, but is not mutually exclusive.
"Hey man, what's going on?"
"Ohh, just faggin around, you know."
by Beefheart April 04, 2005
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equivalent to fucking.
1) im faggin your mom tonight
2) how much faggin work is left?
by frreeX4Xeva May 31, 2007
the same as fucking,
can also be used as, fagged,
not as fagg
1) i fagged that test
2) im faggin pissed off
by frreeX4Xeva May 31, 2007
faggin: equally relevant to fucking
my head is faggin messed up
i fagged your mom last night
by frreeX4Xeva May 30, 2007
Go for a cigarette break at work.
when you go a faggin?
by Boella April 29, 2003
1. A commoner, especially one that is easily influenced.
Tomás: Man, there are too many people in here!
Kiko: Faggin-slicer, ACTIVATE!
Constable: Stop there, evil-doer!
Kiko: SMOKE YOU, flatfoot! *throws smoke-bomb, disappears*
Tomás: *sigh* How much is this going to cost me?
Constable: Let's you just drop them pants..
Tomás: !
Tomás: Ki-KOOOOOO! *camera pans out*
by Kiko October 03, 2004

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