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1. Being raped by a ghost.

2. Non-consentual intimate contact with a ghost.
"I was just lying there naked, with my ass in the air and I think I got ghost raped. I wonder can ectoplasm carry any sexually transmitted diseases..."
by nipplerection1 December 10, 2011
something screamed when one person is in a Ghost in Halo, this word triggers all other players who can hear into an attack mode towards the ghost rider.
Jimmy:sweet I'll hop in the ghost and get tons of cheep kills.
Me: oh shit...GHOST RAPE!!!
Everyone: PEW PEW take that Jimmy
Jimmy: aww man, foiled again.
by Magnum Bear April 26, 2008
When a ghost or spirit touches you in the lower back, calf, or buttocks andyou feel goosebumps in these areas.
A ghost just touched you, you had ghost rape.
by Titaniumtori November 19, 2010
1. An act of carnal knowledge without the woman's consent, always involving some sort of spirit or apparition.

2. A band created at Lowell High School. Labeled as a death metal hardcore orchestral gangsta group, they incorporate the use of such instruments as violin and the sound of shrieking into their music.
1. Did you hear? She's a victim of ghost rape.

2. Dude, I'm totally going to audition for a place in Ghost Rape.
by Ghost Rapist December 12, 2006
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