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People from the country of Iran, located in the Middle East and bordered by countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Iranians sometimes refer to themselves as Persians even though the Shah changed the name of the country from Persia to Iran in the 1930s.

Iranians have brown or black hair, they have brown, black or hazel eyes and skin complexion varies from olive to brown.

Iranians culture is beautiful.
by afshin January 10, 2006
an iranian person is somebody who came from iran or persia. most iranians/persians have brown hair and brown eyes but there are exceptions. im persian and i know alot of persians and they are extremely friendly and hard working people. and it gets me pretty pissed off when i read bull shit definitions of iranians like "parsipunter". im guessing that parsipunter met one iranian and then decided to stereotype all of them, which is not right at all. basically, that kid is racist and parsipunter...if ur reading this i really hope that one day u realize that.
im not saying that all iranians are friendly and nice and great cuz they're not all like that(most that i kno r tho). but thats how it is in every nationality...there are nice ppl and weird ppl and mean ppl etc.
if ur iranian and reading this...i wanna remind u to be proud of who u r.
o yea and i went to iran lots of times and there are no camels by the way..just if u were wondering.
by kimia September 06, 2005
a really really ridiculously good looking and smart person. =D
I can't think of an example, and I have to use the word iranian in here. so yeah. iranian.
by miiiiiiiitra February 05, 2008
A person whos rich, HAS to drive a bmw or mercedes. Girls are gorgeous and they all live in HUGE houses.
brand name clothes are a must
That girl in the black mercedes is iranian.
by rachel bilson May 15, 2006
A person from Iran. Most people would say that an Iranian has dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. However, this is most certainly NOT true. I myself, being a full-blooded Iranian have red hair and blue eyes. My father has blond hair, and my mom has red hair also. We are all Iranian, although we are from the northern part. The point is, not all Iranians are dark, hairy, and have huge noses.
Ignorant dumbass: OMG! Red hair?! You must be Irish or something!
Me: No. I'm Iranian, you freaking tard.
by Sophia M. June 27, 2006
A person from Iran, a country in the M.E.

Often very successful people in which education and family are very important. Usually are bred to become lawyers or engineers, or brain surgeons like myself. Only have one downside:they can be extremely cocky, though if you get on their good sides they'll bend forwards and backwards for you. Just don't ever ask them to skip there hourly tea sessions.

Oh and did I mention the girls are so amazing, in terms of culture and attractiveness.
Dude did you see that Iranian chick Farizana she can do 3rd order differential equations and is sooo hooott!
by Dr.Neuro January 05, 2009
Iranian is a person who is born or descent of the country of Iran. A person who can be either rich or poor. A person that can be of persian, azer, kord, lur, balooch or even of arab ethnicy descent from Iran. A person under suppresion from the arab anglo worshipping empire of crap.
Death to parsipunter the camel giz guzzler who's mom licks arab asshole after the take a shit and fucks 100 negros a day. What a whore.
by (persian) who loves hot ass June 11, 2005
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