The derogatory spelling of the word 'gay' without meaning any offense homosexuals
You're ghey
by dedder May 27, 2010
Usurping the traditional term GAY to take the homosexual meaning out and leaving in the lame.
That's so gay it's G-H-E-Y!
by Bud E Love May 02, 2003
lame, boring, or stupid. not to be confused with homosexual.
That was the gheyist thing I've ever seen.
by illuminary420 March 06, 2012
originally used on forums, we all know that 'gay' is just a cuss these days. anway, its how a queer/camp (whatever) person says gay.
Guy 1: Hey man do you like this sweater on me?
Guy 2: Dude, you're fucking g'hey.
by Yourm Um. April 26, 2005
Jack is also a ghey and a boizy hreek!
Jack: "You gheys!"
David: "Yer mumz a batty"
by monkeybob November 30, 2004
An urban, more sophisticated version of the word "gay". By using such words you are able to avoid criticism by whoopi goldberg. This word can be used for both expression of sexual orientation & expression of pointless things.
The fat lesbian in my math class is so ghey!

Valentines day is so ghey!
by betchy! March 06, 2010
A GHEY is an honorary GAY that doesn't participate in any of the actual sexual aspects of being GAY but loves Gay's, Gay culture and is comfortable enough with their own separate sexual identity.
No, she's not Gay. She's GHEY. There is a difference.
by @MizzTaylor January 19, 2010

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