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Something rich kids say they live in, when in reality they actually live in 2 story mansions with a pool
Oh yeah man I'm totally ghetto, yesterday I called my dad a nigga
by Thatreallygayguy November 24, 2013
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Don't mind embracing your race without apology of not having as much as others. Standing proud with no shame of relatives and ability to appreciate people for who they are without judgement or trying to act like someone you are not.
1. "Ghetto" If the only way I can see a new movie is buying a bootleg movie 3 for $10 from the local crack head my neighborhood and showing others with pride of the bargain you just made.

2. Inviting everybody to your place for a cookout and you have dug a hole in the yard for a big crab pot with crabs, neckbones, corn, sausage, eggs and shrimp then you ghetto.
by MsKeepitReal May 07, 2013
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1. A ghetto is a section of a city predominantly occupied by a group who live there, especially because of social, economic, or legal issues. The term was originally used in Venice to describe the area where Jews were compelled to live.

2. Now A days Ghetto is used to describe many things that are poorly made or poor looking.
Tom: We are going to the ghetto.
Joe: The Ghetto? What's That?

Tom: It's the place where all the poor, uneducated people live.


Kim: OMG that girl looks so Ghetto!
Sally: I know look at her Purple hair, that is so Ghetto!
Kim: And look at her fake Gucci Purse, only Ghetto people carry those!
by JimmyBrackett January 25, 2012
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Sara Lucas's house.
bro 1 - "Woah, check out that house, it's so ghetto bro"
bro 2 - "Yeah that's Sara Lucas's house, it's so ghetto".
by Marypoppinsbitch. January 09, 2012
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A gangbanger; of anyone that owns marc ecko shoes/clothing, wears tons of trashy gold jewelry, uses annoying pointless chatspeak all the time(dis, da, lik, wit, lyf, etc.), usually deals drugs, and blasts their horrendous rap/hiphop music to deafen the ears of normal civilians
Person 1: Yo chek out dees nu eko shoos!! I fukin devot my lyfe to dem

Person 2: Sorry, I dont talk to ghettos -_-
by Shaden363636 July 09, 2010
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A word commonly used by a white person who believes that they are, or want to be, black. Is pronounced with a hard "G", such as in "great", followed by the suffix "hetto", spoken as if it is separate from the G. A person who describes themself as G-hetto can often be found:
*thinking that they can rap
*acting black
*being generally abnormal
*trying to be cool while wearing a turtleneck.

Usually a G-hetto person is not very popular and is shunned as a social outcast. A G-hetto person may also call themselves "G". Interchangeable with "white"
"He is so G-hetto, thinking he's cool."
by HÆrdcøre February 26, 2010
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Dirty run down neiborhood.
Also A place where posers say they are from for a multitude of reasons. 1 To sound cool. 2 To sound hard. 3 A reason to wear baggy clothes. ETC.
Guy: "hey whats up"
Poser: "Nothin jus trippin in da ghetto"
Guy: "Really what you doing there"
Poser: o nuttin much jus walkin around and kickin it ya kno?"
Guy: Not really that sounds a bit scary..."
Poser: Na this is where i from i aint SCURD!!!!
by Timmy Spurgeon September 21, 2007
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