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An internet domain name secured by google.com When entered into a browser will re-direct you to google. Made specifically for people with enough curiosity and boredom to actually try it.
Person 1: What's the meaning of life?
Person 2: I dont know, gewgle that.
Person 1: Dont you mean Google?
Person 2: Same thing...noob. lolz
by Jon Comulada April 25, 2007
A website which used to have pictures of dragons sent in by the public until Google sued because the names sounded too similar. Now gewgle.com redirects to google.com
gewgle.com has moved to drag0wn.com since the google lawsuit in case you want to check out dragon pictures.
by horsepienis July 26, 2008
simply a rewriting of the popular search engine, google.com

Hey dude, where did you find your english essay?
I just searched on gewgle.com, duuude!
by njal March 04, 2007
Gewgle is a website identical to www.google.com.
"Hey Jimmy, lets go to google.com!"

"No Billy, lets go to gewgle.com!"

"No Jimmy! They are the same!!!!"
by Mochtar April 26, 2007