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An internet domain name secured by google.com When entered into a browser will re-direct you to google. Made specifically for people with enough curiosity and boredom to actually try it.
Person 1: What's the meaning of life?
Person 2: I dont know, gewgle that.
Person 1: Dont you mean Google?
Person 2: Same thing...noob. lolz
by Jon Comulada April 25, 2007
An internet phrase expressing total and complete cunfusion, dumbfoundedness, or pretty much any other emotion one would express over the internet.

Combines 4 famous 3 letter abreviations.
Laugh out loud, oh my god, what the fuck, barbeque.
Guy: So like E=MC2

Guy: Thats what she said!!!
by Jon Comulada May 23, 2007
A highly anticipated superhero sequel starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco. The film grossed over $100,000,000 upon its release on May 4th 2007. Shattering records worldwide. It is also at this time the most expensive film ever made with a budget of almost one half of a billion dollars.
Jeff: Did you see spiderman 3?
Jon: Yea
Jeff: Was it good?
Jon: You know the holocaust?
Jeff: Yea
Jon: Slightly worse.
by Jon Comulada May 08, 2007
An abbreviation for "Not Safe For Parents. " Used to describe music, movies or any other media that is abundant in sexuality, violence or cursing. Used by kids to protect eachother from falling into awkward situations with their parents such as having to sit through a graphic sex scene in a film that they're seeing together.
Tony: Did you see Superbad?
Bobby: Yea
Tony: How was it?
Boby: It was really funny but NSFP
by Jon Comulada September 04, 2007

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