A subject in school you are forced to take regardless of your math ability. You are forced to sit in a classroom staring at large shapes finding the area of it's base. The teacher, who you cannot stand, hands out loads of homework due the next morning when you're still sitting here figuring out yesterday's lesson. You learn about triganomatry, parralelograms, and much more. basically this class will get you no where in life, and it's a class you will most likely sleep through. It's basically a bunch of BS.
"Aw,I can't. I have geometry."
"Did you get that geometry crap last night?"
"We will never use geometry in life"
by itzemilyduh May 21, 2008
Torture.Geometry is nothing but a bunch of hard crap that has to with lines like "postulates" and theorems and shit like that.Its really a bunch of hard crap that frustrates the living hell out of yo and when they give you a test your mind goes blank and your like "What the f*ck is this crap?!?!" and to make it worse your put in with a teacher who doesn't know shit.
Carlos: "Geometry sucks balls.Its so hard and the so called "teacher" can't teach for shit"

Freddy: "Yea I know right they should fire that bitch"
by Latino14 November 06, 2011
a course you are required to take in high school, usually after Algebra. Extremely boring, not to mention difficult for most people. You will never have to use the things you learned about in class in your future career. In other words, GEOMETRY IS A ROYAL WASTE OF TIME.
The skills you learn about and practice in Geometry class will only be useful to you if you decide to become a Geometry teacher. If that sounds pointless and stupid to you, well, welcome to high school!
by little-mouse July 07, 2010
A kind term for water-boarding at school.
Today in geometry my teacher held my face underwater like I was at gitmo.
by Ffyluf May 11, 2010
- The stupidest and most pointless form of mathematics known to mankind. Known for making teenagers commit suicide for it's theorems, postulates, and proofs.
I just took a geometry test (cutting oneself), yeah it sucked.
by hammerboycb October 18, 2010
A VERY hard form of math that is very pointless and will never be used in real life. Involves all shapes and proofs. ugh
Mr. Braddock do we have anything geometry related today?
- No really nothing is geometry related because nothing relates to geometry because it is pointless
by zeusROSS December 02, 2009
A typo. It should read "common sense".
It's your Burger King, have it your way!

a = a

Gee, I'm a tree!
by Hawke September 12, 2004

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