the most awful class you will ever take. it's so pointless, there is no use for it in the real world. it is basically torture and it's guarenteed to bring down your beloved GPA. even if you were great in algebra, it's still very easy to fail this miserable class.
I'm failing geometry!
by omg i hate geometry December 07, 2007
Doing the devil's work
Dad " Hiya son! Whatcha Doing?"

Son " I'm doing Geometry! "

Dad " Why you little shit... this is a christian family! That's it! Your getting crucified!
by Mr. Peyote March 05, 2011
An idiotic class with no real point. The Pythagorean Theorem is a very good example. You know, A squared plus B squared equals SUCKS.
Geometry is often taught by ugly old men with gray hair.
by Kitkatbar October 17, 2007
something that makes high school students like me get pissed off.
Question: what angles are congruent to <3?
Question:Name all the sumplementary angles in the problem
I hate geometry!!!!!
by pockadotslotz March 24, 2010
1-the most terrible class ever invented. 2-a great wayy to fuck up your GPA
3-another way for teachers to make you feel like an even bigger dumbass then you really are
4-the most pointless form of math ever invented!
omg i'm so excited to go to's an awesome way to fuck up my life!
by %^ May 11, 2009
the class i don't understand for shit
I'm failing geometry with a 50
by yz12595 January 05, 2010
A crazy, stupid way of torturing students and we can thank Pythagoras for that. people that teach geomatry are usually old, since no one cares about it now. once they die out, a.k.a. extinct, the human race shall be free!!!
Weee, look at meee i am pythagoras, a squared and b squared is ummmm... f squared, no wait... c squaredd... weeee!!!
by JoeyW June 21, 2005

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