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Juicy Couture is a stylish contemporary line of casual apparel based in Pacoima, California. Juicy is well-known for their terry, velour, cashmere, and fleece tracksuits, which have been made famous by the many celebrities who wear them. The line is sold in upscale department stores and specialty stores, such as Marshall Field's, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and Parisian.
Entertaining slogans often adorn Juicy apparel, such as "Wake up and smell the Couture" and "Dude, Where's my Couture?". The signature Juicy Crest, as well as the phrases "Love, P&G" (or "Love G&P") are stitched on the inside tag of each item of Juicy apparel. The order of the initials changed in early 2006 after a lawsuit by the Procter & Gamble corporation.

Juicy girls rule<<3333
Juicy Couture is hot<333
#juicy #couture #juicy couture #hot #fashion
by bawdy January 07, 2007
A notebook containing one's personal thoughts, feelings, plans, attitudes, observations, and the like. Written in usually at frequent intervals, usually but not always kept private.
I've kept a diary since I was 7. It's fun to read later.
#private #notebook #journal #diarie #daily #dairy
by bawdy January 06, 2007
A method of torture used by high school English teachers. The Odyssey is a book about some guy who fights in a war and then disappears...his son finds him......don't read this book......just read the cliff notes

English teacher: The Odyssey is considered to be the best novel ever written!!!
Me: Yeah, LOL
#boring #english #school #high school #horrible
by bawdy November 23, 2007
a part of math learned, on average, in 8th-10th grade with planes, shapes, lines, rays, circles...etc, etc. it is useful in physical therapy, sports, architecture, ... easier and more fun than algebra, IMO.
I took geometry in 8th grade.
#math #algebra #school #middle school #high school
by bawdy January 06, 2007
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