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A class thats useful IF you plan on going into architecture, construction, or Civil Engineering. Apart from that, its not really applicable. Just let me move right on to Algebra 2 instead of wasting my sophomore year Texas Education Agency!
Ted: Wow Mr. Wells is such a great teacher! I love Geometry!
Me: Well thats great for you, now let me sleep during his lecture.
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper June 05, 2011

A commonly used foreign language that is used in middle and high school.
It is also a word that means, "Confusion, Failing, Tears, Repetitive swearing."

Geometry is also commonly spoken by fast paced teachers who laugh at you when you don't understand something so apparently "easy."
Bob: Hey Tim, did you see that girl holding the geometry book?
Tim: Yes I did, that girl thinks geometry is used in everyday life.
Bob: That girl is in for a lot of tears, failing and repetitive swearing.


Teacher: Geometry will be used in real life everyday.
Student: Give me an example then.
Teacher: ..You will use it to build a tree house.
Student: Because everyone needs a freaking tree house.
by Nightmare_Jarate July 08, 2014
1:the class that mrs. lazono can not teach
2: the class in which you can sit in the corner and devise the death of your teacher in horrific ways
3: a hidden form of kong fu which is the most difficult to master because it is disguised as math, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PAY ATTENTION!! YOU CAN RULE THE WORLD!!!
yeah, i kicked jerry's ass with my swift geo-metry kick of doom!
by lilly (roar!) February 19, 2004
hailing from long island , ny. the short lived side project of glassjaw lead singer daryl palumbo
geometry had some good songs, then fell off.
by freddie November 29, 2004
a part of math learned, on average, in 8th-10th grade with planes, shapes, lines, rays, circles...etc, etc. it is useful in physical therapy, sports, architecture, ... easier and more fun than algebra, IMO.
I took geometry in 8th grade.
by bawdy January 06, 2007
Something involving shapes almost pointless. It's a 9th grade course, but most kindergardeners can figure out how to do it.
5 year old: You're taking geometry hahahaha
A dumbass 9th grader: ...
by Adeadlyliquid September 28, 2004