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A gem is something that is absolutely great. Usually preceded by the word 'absolute.' Popularized by a certain individual named Dave A.
Tom Brady is an absolute gem.
by noodles May 26, 2004
somehting amazingly beautiful, nearly perfect, or ridiculously incredible
Courtney is a precious gem.
by johnny logo November 20, 2004
a Glen Ellyn Mom, usually involves themselves in the following activites:
-Book Clubs
-Bible Clubs
-Dinner Clubs
-Bible Studies
-Yoga groups
-Go on walks with friends to "chat"
-Gossip about anything and everything
-Stay at home, let the husband do all the work
-Garden and make it look like they care
-Go to salon about 3 time a week
-Sit at home all day and do nothing because they're filthy rich and dumb
-Buy nice things for the pets
-Gossip some more
-Gossip more, about their kids and random kids they don't know
-Complain about everything wrong in their perfect Glen Ellyn life
kid#1- Hey dude, some GEM called my mom and told her about last night...

kid#2- Wow, what a GEM. I can't believe GEMs these days.
by bitchguesswhothisis May 14, 2011
A girl who is ridiculously perfect in all aspects of life. A gem is intelligent, witty, adventurous, beautiful, cute, and always classy. Gems are extremely rare, but often get overlooked for dumb girls who are willing to put out on the first date. Please gentlemen! STOP making mistakes!! If you find a gem, and can capture her heart, keep her!
"Ana and Elena are fucking gems!"
"Yeah, but they're probably too good for us."

"Well, at least they have each other if they can never find the perfect guy!"
by Aladdin818 August 27, 2012
Something amazing, cool, or fantastic.
Yo, that lecture was gem!
by Jbucci February 02, 2005
used in dundee
meaning im up for it

(prounced with a g at the start/not said jem)
person 1 - here mate fancy a necky?
person 2 - eh mate em gem
by lolatlouise August 11, 2010
the nickname of one awesome girl
hey gem, will u go out with me?
by gem.... December 23, 2005
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