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to place a rat in a cup (preferably a coffee mug) and then to piss in the cup and watch the rat squirm and drown in your piss.
Steve: holy shit u gotta rat in ur house
Tony: where's tht son of a bitch. im gonna give him the worst necky hes ever imagined.
Steve: want some crack?
28 16
Some chick with a lushes neck.
Mainly referred to girls called Sarah.
Person 1: Whats her name man?
Person 2: Sarah. why?
Person 1: You bit her neck...
Person 2: Total necky
6 5
Noun. A scarf-like piece of apparel that wraps around one's neck and is easily removable. Easily mocked, but actually pretty useful in practice. Great if you don't want to mess up your hair.
The Necky is a suitable replacement for a scarf, and actually shows it's usefulness when you aren't sweating buckets after coming in from the cold.
by Sweaty in Seattle. December 26, 2009
5 6
to french kiss a person
'oi chrissy ya wanting a necky with naomi ?'
by Lhora January 06, 2004
16 21