means either male or female genitalia.
"wow dude morgan has one of those good gears,not too shallow and never dry"
by Gobias November 09, 2005
The magazine that the chick from 7th Heaven got naked on.
I love reading GEAR magazine.
by Osama bin Laden November 01, 2003
A well offensive word that fergus uses to liken something with smelly decapitated indian babies.
Those clothes are well gear
by something... March 09, 2012
unstylish clothing, any unfashionable combo that warrants a good laugh.
for example when you see someone dressed unstylish, "nice gear" or "look at that guys gear"
by ANTHONO February 05, 2007
Anabolic steroids.
That guy is huge. I think he's using gears.
by gears79 May 24, 2009
An expression used when another individual is aesthetically pleasing. Similar to "fine" and other words with the same definition.Can be combined with "box," "like gearbox".
"He is SO gear!"
"He/She is a total gearbox!"
by Jenn December 06, 2004
noun; What you "sport"
I bought some great gear with at
by redtracksuit November 17, 2004
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