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means either male or female genitalia.
"wow dude morgan has one of those good gears,not too shallow and never dry"
by Gobias November 09, 2005
4 15
An expression used when another individual is aesthetically pleasing. Similar to "fine" and other words with the same definition.Can be combined with "box," "like gearbox".
"He is SO gear!"
"He/She is a total gearbox!"
by Jenn December 06, 2004
15 26
The magazine that the chick from 7th Heaven got naked on.
I love reading GEAR magazine.
by Osama bin Laden November 01, 2003
4 15
Anabolic steroids.
That guy is huge. I think he's using gears.
by gears79 May 24, 2009
12 24
refering to sexual genitalia, not to disclude breasts and buttox. most commonly used as a name for male genitalia.
He has massive "gear".
by kristy May 21, 2006
4 16
noun; What you "sport"
I bought some great gear with at
by redtracksuit November 17, 2004
13 25
Any drug...but most common with speed (1) and chronic (2).
1 I'm gunna go get on the gear tonight.
2 This smells like sum pretty good gear.
by Diego November 04, 2003
7 21