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Nice Clothing.

When you have gear that mean you dont wear that FUBU shit.You wear dat Eagle stuff or Lo'
(Polo) clothes.
I went to the King of Prussia mall and came back with some mad gear. I got me some Crombie' jeans, like 8 Lo' shirts, and some Eagle cargos and Pants.AnD i got like 3 Eagle Mocks all in diffrent colors.
by Robocop2489 April 21, 2009
A slang term for clothing often used in films by Kevin Smith
Then she was going to strip off her gear, but oh no its a PG movie!
by Bob (Epicmasterpiece) April 15, 2003
In British slang it means ride(car)
V1: Yo dude you wanna get some hot chicks?
V2: Heck yeah man!
V1: Get you a new SUV gear ;)
by HawtSwagger February 08, 2011
Slang term for cocaine. See snoot or tackle.
Cindy is usually cool, but she's been snooting gear since yesterday.
by shimmy shimmy coco-pop October 31, 2006
drugs in general, usually used to signify a large quantity of drugs
Mark: "How much gear?"
Sickboy: "about two kilos"
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
the weed that pirates smoke, detroit chronic
shit man that gear wiped me out
by captaingear May 14, 2007
unstylish clothing, any unfashionable combo that warrants a good laugh.
for example when you see someone dressed unstylish, "nice gear" or "look at that guys gear"
by ANTHONO February 05, 2007