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A verb; To fuck vigorously, thoroughly. Alternately, to fine tune (see dialed). Also 'geared.'
"Baby, when I get home from overseas, I'm gonna GEAR your pussy."
by davisjrn January 05, 2005
6 23
a sarcastic term for a "cool" person or clothes
Yeah, you're gear dude!
by faith August 21, 2003
1 20
The robotic version of breasts.
Dude:Dude, you have man gears.
Dude 2:Tell me about it.
by Mr.RoboFucker November 20, 2007
7 48
to be beyond amazing or great
stems from the game gears of war
Erik: can you work for me?
Will: no
Erik: SO NOT gears
by will to the n to the carey December 22, 2006
22 70