A slang term for male genitals.
"Would you look at the gear on that guy? He's hung like a racehorse!"
by desert irishman April 07, 2004
Noun. 1. A toothed wheel.
2. A group of items used in an activity; equipment.
Verb. 1. To equip with gears. 2. To connect with gears. 3. To adjust so as to satisfy something.
Noun. 1. I'm always grinding the gears in my transmission.
2. Get that fishing gear together.
Verb. 1. Did you gear that machine right?
2. I've geared down the wheels to provide more speed.
3. My magazine is geared toward a young audience.
by Antinous September 11, 2003
an adjective used for someone that is particularily attractive or "hot".
"b'ys, she's da gear."
"johnny depp is gear."
by dressed2kill November 21, 2007
A term used to describe somthing 'cool', crazy, or good. Generally a good thing.
-doood the weekend was gear
-'hey how much money you got?', "about $200", 'lol man GEAR'
-that cat is gear
by Poison oak March 05, 2007
paraphinalia such as drugs
girl 1-yo girl you wanna toke up tonight?

girl 2- yea ill bring my gear over
by lil lizard October 28, 2009
A slang term for clothing often used in films by Kevin Smith
Then she was going to strip off her gear, but oh no its a PG movie!
by Bob (Epicmasterpiece) April 15, 2003
1. Term used to describe GODS holy spirt.
2. A powerful prayer and the fire of God falling on his people.
3. A powerful preaching filled with anointing.
1. Lets drop some gear on these kids tonight!
2. Hey lets go to church, we'll gear you up!
3. Gear is about to drop from the heavens!
by Momo777 November 08, 2010
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