can either mean god damn independent or in this case god damn-it: a way to show ones annoyance towards something or an action.
it is a negative comment
NOTE: this is for txt or typing only not to be used in speech conversations
(during a MSN chat)
bob: how did u do on the test
max:GDI it was terrible
by adam warner May 03, 2008
Someone who doesn't join a fraternity for some reason. Maybe they're a douchebag who shouldn't join in the first place, or maybe they're balled for some reason. Regardless, they are not fraternity material.
"I don't wanna join a frat because they are gay," said one GDI. "Well, I guess you wouldn't fit in to my fraternity anyway. We don't refer to our brotherhood as a frat. Would you refer to your country as a cunt? If you would, get the fuck out of my house. If I see you again, I'll haze your ass so quick I won't even be able to 'ball your ass."
by SNFratDaddy September 22, 2007
1. God did it!
2. God damn it!
3. God Damn Independent
Religious people who can't explain scientific stuff say "God did it!". GDI is used to make fun of those bigots.
by -theo- November 27, 2007
shortened form of "Goddamnit"
"gdi, someone put shit in my pants"
by Metaka February 01, 2003
God Damn Independent
Someone who leaches off the frat system, comes to parties, drinks fraternity beer, and goes home alone. They like to think that fraternity men "pay" for friends, but they can't possibly know, they weren't good enough to get in a fraternity to begin with.
Someone kick the GDI out of here, he's drinking all the beer and scaring the women.
by WFUBaller September 19, 2005
"God Damn Independent" Someone who is not associated with groups or organizations, most commonly Fraternities or Sorrorities.
These people think that College should be for nothing and throw their life away because when they hit the job market they don't have anyone to pick them up at a high level of employment.
They usually dress like they shop at K-Mart and drive around in cars they can buy with a couple hundred dollars.
They eat at McDonalds and Burger King because they think it's actual food.
They stay up late studying because they don't know anyone who has taken the course and have no access to a Test Bank.
GDIs usually hate the Idea of "paying for friends" when in reality you are mutually investing with other members of the group in a lodge to meet, sick as rages, community service, and mixers with the opposite sex.
GDIs usually have a group of 20 friends maximum who are also GDIs and they all have no ambition and fail as a group.
GDIs are not self respecting, and usually don't try to better themselves at all except for "college".
They think the "college experience" includes studying hard and making passing grades, when the reality is that networking is essential to living a successful life.
Look at that GDI, he is fat, voted for Obama, and thinks he's the shit.

God, what a GDI, he tried asked if I was on scholarship, I told him that I had a trust fund and I was on PERMANENT scholarship.

GDIs, they're good Friday night, is a slow Tuesday Night
by Frattastic Fratdaddy October 05, 2010
A superset of the so called "eggs," who don't even bother to join a fraternity of stature and consequence. Eggs suck, gdi's suck more.
My frat shorts are shorter than your frat shorts! gdi's think they have more friends than anyone in a 60 person fraternity. d-e-l-u-s-i-o-n-al
by The Bush May 05, 2006

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