A superset of the so called "eggs," who don't even bother to join a fraternity of stature and consequence. Eggs suck, gdi's suck more.
My frat shorts are shorter than your frat shorts! gdi's think they have more friends than anyone in a 60 person fraternity. d-e-l-u-s-i-o-n-al
by The Bush May 05, 2006
1) God Damn Independent
2) Those who decide not to go Greek, and therefore commit social suicide
3) People that fucking suck
Guy A) I met that guy during orientation
Guy B) You still friends with himl?
Guy A) Hell no, he's a fucking GDI. I always knew he was a fucking loser
by Teddy Hertzel March 15, 2005
God Damn Independent. Has No affiliation in the Greek world. Many GDI'd are looked down upon. If someone in a Fraternity or Sorority would happen to see a GDI you would most likely feel compelled to Kick there ass.
Hey man lets got beat that kids ass for being a GDI.
by Peanut March 08, 2005
Someone not cool enough to be in a fraternity or sorority and thus has to talk shit about the Greek system. If only you were cooler you weak motherfucker. Fuck you.
Nathaniel rushed SigEp but was not of adequate quality to get in. Poor guy, he will always be a GDI.
by Fratman March 14, 2005
1. God Damn Independent
2. Gay Douche Idiot
1. Damn GDI wont even join a frat!

2. Holy crap! That fag's such a GDI. Why doesnt he SKL all over my TDR?!
by Your Mother March 17, 2005
GDI: An acronym for a non-fraternal individual who dislikes fraternites. A person who maintains an unnecessary and unfair negative opinion about men in a fraternity or similar greek organization. A poor soul forever damnned to the second social teir, that is, one below the social tier of a fraternity member. One who cannot understand the bond between fraternity brothers, and thus passes it off as "gay," insisting that fraternity men "buy their friends." An ignorant, depressed, pathetic individual who spends his Saturday nights drinking warm Giorgi's from a plastic cup in his dorm room, and then goes home to tell his buddies in high school how crazy college life is. A bitter, vengeful loser who lacks any social skills beyond those required to sucker free entry into a fraternity-sponsored event. The wierd red-headed kid who shows up at 2:30am to suck the last life out of your keg without paying, and then bad-mouths you behind your back. The skinhead tat-monkeys who stand outside 7-11 with their cut off combat vests, and bitch to the other townies about how pussy, college-going frat-boys are ruining their summers. The kids who talk a good fight until you point out that the other 30 guys at the bar are your fraternity brothers. A GDI does not get laid, but instead maintains that he is a sexual animal, who "just doesn't like sorority girls..." A GDI is a jealous, cold, closed-minded ultra-liberal with self-superiority convictions and an inability to exist comfortably without bashing people generally better than themselves to boost self esteem. A GDI is most of all a coward, who will smile and pay 5 dollars to drink all night, and then start a fight with someone in your house just for the hell of it. A GDI has friends, but only because he's not the only poor bastard playing connect-four in the common room at 3am on a weekend. A GDI is anyone who feels that a fraternity is gang filled with rapists and is completely devoid of morals. A GDI is a hypocrite, a liar, and a no-talent ass clown without dreams or aspirations beyond fucking another ugly girl this weekend...

God Damn Independents...
My buddy Tommy isn't in a fraternity, but he understands what we're about. Whereas Mark is just a fucking GDI.

That kid just tried to nip our Grey Goose, what a fucking GDI.

GDI's are just a bunch of fucko's.
by Umanoff August 13, 2006
1)A person not cool enough to join a fraternity or sorority, and spends every night of the week writing bull shit on urban dictionary about greeks.

2)The second lowest form of life next to the dung beatle
I was a GDI in college and look at me now. I'm the assistant manager at Mc Donalds, and soon to be manager after he leaves to college.

Only a GDI would wear jorts.
by Apollo467 September 16, 2005

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