"Greek Deprived Individual". One who has decided that he would rather play video games in his dorm room than to join a fraternity of men. Despite his ignorance of what goes on in a fraternity he still chooses to stereotype and label anyone who has made the honorable choice to join the ranks of a Greek organization. Usually justifies his choice by slandering fraternities claiming they groups of superficial, dumb, alcoholics because he either knows he is too socially awkward to join a fraternity or he did not receive a bid to a fraternity. Fortunately a GDI usually remains unsuccessful in life and his ignorance has no influence on upper society. Can usually be characterized by cargo shorts, lack of friends, and lack of money currently and into his adulthood.
Contrary to popular belief, GDI's usually have lower grade point averages than their Greek counterparts and usually go on to be much less successful.
by Frat hard frat often December 11, 2010
A GDI is pretty much everyone who wrote a whiney bitch definition of fraternity.
GDI: Since I didnt get a bid from a fraternity because im fucking lame, I'll go be a bitch about it on urban dictionary.
by Sigma Nu Until I Die November 07, 2010
One who possesses unfratty traits, also known as a Skip. Key terms include: "chill out", "yeah", "dude", and "tootle"
Hey bro you are so GDI, I mean you haven't slayed in forever. Man you are such a skip.
by Scott Michael Jackson February 24, 2008
GDI-(God Damn Independent) is a person who chooses either to not affiliate themselves with Greek life, can't afford Greek life, can't get a bid, or was too much of a weakling to finish pledgeship. GDIs are usually of lower class and even lower standards, also GDIs despise Greeks out of jealousy.
GDIs are nasty animals colleges use pay for theirselves.
by Mr. Todd Finnigan Maxwell November 29, 2010
The loners not associated with greek life. Have parents who work as janitors, and who will one day become the bottom dwellers of society.

Can usually be found creeping the shit out of sorostitutes at frat parties, talking about their unsuccessful WOW raid the night prior.
Hurry quick GDI Old Navy is having a sale on cargo shorts!!
by TooFratastic December 03, 2010
Also known as a dorm rat. A student that for whatever reason, wants no part of the greek system. They oftentimes sit alone in their dorms on weekends wondering whats going on in the outside world. They have a distinct unfounded hostility toward Greeks, but never hesitate to leach off of them, such as drinking their beer, or attending parties, from which they always end up going home alone. Many of them get all of their information on Greek life from TV and movies, they never bother to do any actual research. According to them, Greeks are "losers who have to pay for their friends." It never occured to them that one of their favorite celebrities is very likely a greek. It never occured to them that a "frat boy" could someday turn out to be, say, some of the greatest athletes/coaches of all time(Michael Jordan, Shaq, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Orel Hershiser, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Larry Brown, Mike Ditka, Tiger Woods, Jesse Owen, Troy Aikman, Lou Gehrig, just to name a few), some of the most famous actors/entertainers(Elvis Presley, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Bob Hope, Brad Pitt, Matt Groening, Steven Spielberg, Warren Beaty, Tom Selleck, Ron Jeremy, Paul Newman, Merv Griffin, Danny Thomas, James Dean, Harrison Ford, John Wayne, just to name a few), (Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Jesse Jackon, Nelson Mandela, 85% of US Supreme Court Justices, 76% of the Nations senators, all but two US presidents since 1825), a famous astronaut(everybody on the Apollo 11 crew), a famous business owner(43 of the 50 largest corporations in the nation are headed by "frat boys"), or even their mommy and daddy's boss. According to studies, only about half of GDI's end up graduating college, as opposed to 71% of Greeks.
That kid went GDI after getting blackballed by 2 fraternities.
by TKE468 January 02, 2006
"God Damn Independent" One who is not envolved in a greek organization. Typically engages in acts of douchebaggery, and envy all those who are greek.
Gelled hair Meatbags, Hippies, Goths,wannabe surfers and Nerds are all examples of GDI's
by Sig Ma Chi April 15, 2008

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