God Damn Individual. Used in the U.S. Army to denote someone who refuses to take orders and does whatever the fuck they want to the chagrin of their unit. Especially used in Basic Combat Training (BCT) where Drill Instructors attempt to turn a shit-ton of diverse recruits from different backgrounds (GDIs) into one cohesive functioning military unit. But there's always the one fucktard who doesn't give a fuck and will do whatever they want and will always be a GDI.
"Yo G, that fucktard doesn't give a fuck. He just made our whole platoon do 200 pushups by being a retarded fuckup. What a GDI. Let's throw him a blanket party tonight."
by 7upp December 30, 2009
Non-greek, non-person that can be spotted rocking WWE teeshirts, gel-crusted hair, cargo shorts, tennis shoes, longboards, and snapbacks. Is an initialism for god damn independent but should never be capitalized because they are not worth holding the shift key for. Can often be heard bashing the greek system after embarrassingly being denied entry into a house party on multiple occasions for which it was not given the address but followed the tracker on its girlfriend's phone. On the rare occasion that a gdi is allowed entry, it will almost certainly die of alcohol poisoning and give the chapter a bad name.
Today a gdi asked me why I'd want to pay for my friends. I told him he couldn't afford to understand. TFM
by ReaganTFM November 14, 2014
Shorthand version of the Global Defense Initiative, one of two factions in the Command & Conquer series of games.(Generally regarded as "the good guys".)
The GDI has Mammoth Tanks, while Nod has Stealth Tanks.
by Joseph D. Collins May 01, 2005
Acronym for "Gays Day In."
Danny: "Let's have a GDI and watch Sex and the City."
by DJ Andre October 15, 2009
"Good day indicator" - A gauge to help one measure how good the day will be. Normally to achieve a good GDI you must have sex upon waking up. First thing. Not after breakfast or showering or brushing teeth. Right at the awakening. To have a high GDI, orgasm has to occur, no if, ands, or maybes.

For a male: high GDI occurs when fully incapacitated after morning sex.

For a female: uncontrolled squirting or jello like legs with the inability to stand. Or the mixture of all the above.
I feel great today! This morning my girl/guy raised my GDI so I feel like I can take on anything!

What's your GDI at?
by calie2bama June 08, 2010
God Damn Inbred.
Isaiah is such a GDI.
by zlampiece January 04, 2011
Goddamn independent, usually referring to tree hugging liberals from san francisco who hate the greek system.
Greg Norris is a GDI
by GNI69 November 23, 2011

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