a word that obviousally, no one here knows what it means... it does not mean the size of the lead shot in the shell.

a gauge is defined as the ammount of perfectly round lead balls that you can make out of a pound of lead that will fit perfectly down that particular barrel. for example, with a 12 gauge barrel, 12 lead balls that fit perfectly in the barrel will equal a pound. The size of the shot has nothing to do with the gauge of the gun. you can have a .410 bore shotgun with triple ought buckshot(very large pellets) or you can have #9 shot(very small pellets) the most common shot sizes are 8,7.5,7,6 used for trap, skeet, birds, squirrels, etc
10 gauge= 1/10lb lead ball
12 gauge= 1/12lb lead ball
16 gauge= 1/16lb lead ball
20 gauge= 1/20lb lead ball
28 gauge= 1/28lb lead ball
.410 bore = .410" bore...
by mikethegreat October 08, 2007
Top Definition
what sizes of plugs are called.
not a verb. you can not gauge.

you can stretch a piercing you can not gauge it. it would be like saying "I'm going to large" its what Sizes are referred to. NOT a verb.

the bigger the number the smaller the hole. 18ga is a standered ear piercing size.. when the numbers get smaller ex, 16, 14, 12... it means the hole is bigger.
18ga, 16ga, 14ga, 12ga, 10ga, 8ga, 6ga, 4ga, 2ga, 0ga, 00ga, 000ga.
by bob November 13, 2003
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Incorrect slang used to desribe stretched ear piercings.

Guage refers to the size of the jewelry not the stretched ear itself.
slang using person who knows no better: "woah your ear gauges are rad."
by superbatmangoth February 28, 2009
This is a word that is incorrectly used by many people to describe the jewelry worn in stretched earlobe piercings. The Gauge system is actually a system of measurement, initially created to measure the thickness of wire and other cylindrical objects. Calling a piece of jewelry a 'gauge' is equivalent to calling it an 'inch' or a 'millimeter.' Just because you're wearing a piece of jewelry which measures 2 gauge in size does not mean it would be proper to say "I'm wearing gauges."
Incorrect Use: "I want to buy some new gauges." also "How big are your gauges, bro?!"

Correct Use: "I want to buy some 4 gauge plugs." or "This piece of jewelry is 12 Gauge 5/8" tongue labret."

"What size are your plugs?" or "What size jewelry are you wearing in your ears?" are effective ways of inquiring about someone's stretched earlobe piercings without making yourself look like an idiot. Walking into a piercing studio and saying "I want some new gauges," is also incorrect. Try saying "I'm looking for some 4 gauge plugs." or playing it even safer, "I'm looking for new earrings."
by The Piercing Elite March 04, 2009
Slang for a shotgun. The word gauge comes from the caliber of the shotgun which is measured by gauge.
"I blasted that fucker with my gauge!"
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
n. A standard of measure. Like a cm or inch. Body jewellery uses the same gauge measurements as the American Wire Gauge (AWG). Not used as a term for jewellery.
Also the device used for measuring.

v. To measure or estimate. Basically, it doesn't mean to stretch.
"I'm going to buy more gauges for my ears!"
"I gauged my ears to 00."

"I stretched my lobes to 4g."
"I used a gauge to see what size my jewellery was."
"I need to gauge my plugs because I forgot what size they are."
"This capture bead ring is 14 gauge."
"She gauged his defences before striking."
by DagonDagg0rz July 06, 2008
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by Anonymous June 19, 2003

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