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a word that obviousally, no one here knows what it means... it does not mean the size of the lead shot in the shell.

a gauge is defined as the ammount of perfectly round lead balls that you can make out of a pound of lead that will fit perfectly down that particular barrel. for example, with a 12 gauge barrel, 12 lead balls that fit perfectly in the barrel will equal a pound. The size of the shot has nothing to do with the gauge of the gun. you can have a .410 bore shotgun with triple ought buckshot(very large pellets) or you can have #9 shot(very small pellets) the most common shot sizes are 8,7.5,7,6 used for trap, skeet, birds, squirrels, etc
10 gauge= 1/10lb lead ball
12 gauge= 1/12lb lead ball
16 gauge= 1/16lb lead ball
20 gauge= 1/20lb lead ball
28 gauge= 1/28lb lead ball
.410 bore = .410" bore...
by mikethegreat October 08, 2007

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