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Usually a white male with limited education - someone who is generally intolerant of other people who differ and/or disagree with his thinking & outlook. These folks tend to look at the world in black & white terms - there are no shades of gray, or room for flexibility.

These folks live all over the country with the heaviest concentration in the southeast & midwest.

Some characteristics of " red necks "

1. White male
2. Drinks lots of beer
3. Wears Wrangler jeans
4. Wears tshirts,sweatshirts that are usually too small
5. Usually has a beer gut from drinking lots of beer
6. Lives on junk food, lots of beef, fried chicken
7. Nascar fan
8. Outdoor hobbies/activities - fishing, hunting
9. Drives a pickup truck
10. Hates Liberals, Gays, Minorities
11. Does not read much except cheap magazines
12. Often treats women like 2nd class citizens
13. Strict with his kids - often will use physical force to discipline his kids
14. Usually not open to reasoning & negotiation
15. Supported & Voted for George W. Bush

George W. Bush is a classic example of a red neck - just look at his redneck " my way or the highway " FAILED approach to government.

by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
Ass kisser = a suck up, someone who will kiss someone's butt to gain points. Sometimes these folks are known as bum-kissers. Often these folks tend to be the goody goody types whom one can not trust for a second - these folks will use what you tell them, or do, against you for their own personal gain. Most of these people are social nerds with few social skills - the only way they can get attention is to play suck up to someone important - usually a boss, manager or teacher/professor - an authority fiqure.

The best way to deal with these kind of people - bum-kissers is to avoid them - never trust them, never confide with them.
I had a co-worker who was the consumate ass-kisser - he would suck up to the boss all day long to gain favors and access. All of us in the office were aware of this situation and adopted a strategy of avoidance - keeping our mouths shut and not getting involved with the little bum kisser in any way. The little ass kisser functioned in his own little world.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
Jimmy Carter = very weak, ineffective president. Overall his presidency was a failure. He was unable to generate confidence and optimism while he was in office.

He lacked the ability to work with Congress - even members of his own party - Democratic - couldn't work with him. Apparently, he antagonized many members of congress with his preachy & pious attitude.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy's 1980 presidential race against an incumbent Democratic president served notice of the discontent that many rank & file Democrats had for President Carter.

History will view the Carter presidency as below average in terms of the presidential rankings of presidential achievement & performance.

As a former president, Jimmy Carter has done many many good things - in fact, he has been a far better former president than he was as president. His humanitarian projects have been superb - he deserves much credit & respect for his post-presidential work. In many ways, Jimmy Carter has - with much success - defined a first class extremely productive post presidency.

Jimmy Carter is a very honorable, decent and kind human being -- he was perhaps too kind & gentle for the rough & tumble world of presidential politics.

It was an honor to see President Carter receive the Nobel Peace Price - a well deserved honor for all of his humanitarian work.
Jimmy Carter will be remembered more for his post presidential work and acheivements - than for his time as the 39th president.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
Popinjay = a person who loves to talk - often about themselves - in a vain, conceited & egostical manner.
Most politicans are popinjays - as the tend to talk endlessly, usually about themselves, about their proported accomplishments - usually in a vain conceited context.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
Gas bag = wind bag, pompous, talkative, bloviator. One who bloviates - constantly talking, often in a longwinded pompous manner. Many of these folks like the sound of their own voice - often unaware of those around them who are often laughing at them behind their backs. These folks are often very vain and conceited - impressed by their own self importance. Many politicans are gas bags, full of empty hot air.

These folks are sometimes referred to as popinjays.
Many politicans are gas bags - long winded pompous people who are usually bloviating over their own self importance.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
Gerald R. Ford = 38th President of the United States 1974-1977. President Ford did an outstanding job trying to heal this country after the tragedies of Vietnam & Watergate. Considering the terrible mess that he inherited from Richard Nixon when he assumed office on 8-9-74 - he has to be congratulated for having done such a great job.

President Ford quiet demeanor was a refreshing contrast to the personalities of his immediate predecessors Richard M. Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson. His common sense moderate approach to government will be treated better and better as time passes and history proves that he was right.

President Ford spared the country years of anquish & trial with his courageous and correct decision to pardon Richard M. Nixon - history has proven that he was right in making that decision. The country was able to - finally - move on and put the terrible Watergate mess behind us.

President Ford was presented with the Profiles in Courage award by Senator Edward M. Kennedy & Caroline Kennedy at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston back in May 2001 -- for his courage to put the best interests of the country first - before his own political interests -in granting the pardon to Richard M. Nixon. History has now proven that President Ford was totally correct in issuing the pardon to end the Watergate mess & tragedy that was tearing our nation apart during 1973 & 1974.

Gerald R. Ford represents what a Republican should be - moderate on social domestic issues, conservative on fiscal issues and a strong internationalist on foreign policy.

History will continue to treat President Gerald R. Ford better and better - as it should. President Gerald R. Ford is a wonderful human being - a very decent and honorable person.
President Gerald R. Ford was presented with the Profiles in Courage award at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in May 2001 by Senator Edward M. Kennedy for his courage in granting the pardon to Richard M. Nixon - thus ending the Watergate tragedy that was ripping the nation apart back in 1974.

Gerald Ford's quiet demeanor and steady leadership will be remembered with tremendous respect.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
Pithy = concise, to the point.
Most politicans are not pithy - politicans by their nature usually can not keep their comments concise or to the point. Most voters would appreciate political leaders who could get their points across in a concise forceful way - without alot of bloviating - keeping it pithy !
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006

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